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PHOTOS: 12 Ways Geometric Tile Can Go Beyond Modern in the Bathroom

How the moment’s trendiest tile can buck its contemporary reputation

Everybody’s loving geometric tile—polygon-shaped ceramic and stone tiles that create a graphic wallpaper effect via a repeating motif. But the tile’s hard lines and stiff angles have given it a reputation as an option that befits modern spaces only—and that’s just not true. These 12 bathrooms prove that, when combined with softer textures and warm tones, geometric tile can harness its pattern power to create transitional, even traditional, spaces that are anything but rigid.

1. Rhombus-shaped tiles in cool stone form pointy chevrons, while a round mirror, soft feathers and the dainty curls of our Linden faucet—all smartly done in warmer tones—balance the look.



2. Alone, this shimmery blue-toned mosaic would look cool and contemporary, but paired with a clean, white, molding-like “chair rail,” the effect is wallpaper-ish. The gentle arc of our Addison Roman tub trim helps further bridge the gap between modern and traditional bathroom design.



3. Teeny-tiny all-white octagons give off a honeycomb vibe. But the organic curves in the marble veining, coupled with our Tesla bathroom faucet, take the angles down a notch.



4. Another way to do octagons: in warm, natural stone, with a neutral counter, our curvy Linden faucet and a seafoam backsplash that somehow just works.



5. The sepia-toned tile, the glass vessel sink and the golden sheen of our Cassidy faucet speak loud and modern. But it’s that same faucet’s classic details that keep the bathroom squarely in transitional territory.



6. Without the pop of green tile, this bathroom would be all modern, all the time. But the happy hue, not to mention the warm wood tone, brings balance. Our Ashlyn faucet in Venetian bronze echoes the hard-meets-soft theme.


7. The clean lines of a running bond tile pattern never go out of style; a wall-mounted faucet keeps the design fresh, even though the fixture leans traditional.


8. Cheery blue perks up this linear pattern, and our Addison faucet with Touch2O.xt Technology adds roundness without looking too soft.


9. An accent mosaic and a warm bronze Cassidy shower add transitional flair to oversize rectangles in a running bond pattern.


10. Here, the tile pattern itself is used to keep things laidback. The wooden accessories lend a traditional note, while the marble counter and stainless accents (hello, Dryden faucet) keep the look refined.


11. In ivory and with matching grout, the vertical rectangles almost blend into the background while our Cassidy faucet in Venetian bronze shines. The countertop unites the tones to keep the design cohesive.


12. The multicolored mosaic screams contemporary—until the very traditional espresso vanity, matching mirrors and Addison faucet steer the space back to transitional. 12WaysGeometricTile_Article12.jpg