Pull Down Faucet Sprayer: Faucet Technology   

With the right technology at hand, cleaning dishes may become a favorite part of your daily routine. In our pursuit of meaningful innovation that changes how you interact with water, we're introducing a new take on dishwashing: Delta ShieldSpray Technology. Quite simply, ShieldSpray faucets improve dishwashing ability and speeds the cleaning process along.

To watch this innovation in action is to be amazed. Delta faucets equipped with ShieldSpray Technology use a concentrated jet of water sheathed in a protective water sphere to power off messes while keeping splatter contained. The chaos of dish doing is kept in check. A once dirty chore becomes significantly cleaner and more manageable. You power off the mess without making a mess. 

ShieldSpray Technology can currently be found on the Esque, Foundry and Valdosta collections. Coming soon, it will be offered on the Addison, Cassidy, Leland, Mateo, Zalia and Charmaine collections. If you already have one of these models, you will be able to purchase a new spray wand and retrofit it to get ShieldSpray Technology.

Want to see this kitchen faucet technology in action? Check out the Food52.com videos below. If you already own a Delta Faucet with ShieldSpray Technology, share a pic of it on social media and tag it #MorePowerLessMess.

Cooking with Food52 and ShieldSpray Technology: