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These small-bathroom ideas will help improve your space and make you love it more.

Small-bathroom ideas

Big or small, the bathroom is a centerpiece of the home—a place for starting the day, winding down at night and at other times retreating and relaxing. When the bathroom is small, however, it presents unique challenges. It might lack storage, or its tight quarters make it difficult to accommodate a busy family’s daily needs.

Instead of giving up on the space just because it’s compact, you can reimagine the room, bringing in elements that celebrate its small size and leverage its limitations. Here are nine small-bathroom ideas for making your space seem larger without knocking out any walls.


Small-bath ideas: Ensure fixtures are properly sized for your space

When your tub and other fixtures are properly sized for your small bathroom, things will feel roomier. Bonus tip: Chrome, like on a shower handle and tub spout, and mirrors reflect light, giving the illusion of more space. (above photo: @chrislovesjulia; top: @marcusdesign)

Pick products sized for your space.

Installing ill-fitting toilets, sinks and tubs is a quick way to make a small bath feel even smaller. Consider getting a toilet with a round bowl (they tend to be smaller) instead of an elongated one, or go for a mounted, wall-hung bowl (they open up the floor underneath). Shop for vanities specially designed for small spaces.


Small-bathroom design ideas: Floating vanities

A floating vanity frees up space under the cabinet and makes the floor plan feel bigger. A sleek, modern-looking faucet and an uncluttered sink area certainly help things seem larger in a small bath. (photo: @hayleymoynihan)

Install a floating vanity.

Make the footprint of your bathroom feel larger with a floating vanity. When the floor extends all the way to the wall under the cabinet, your eye will perceive more space.


Small-bathroom design: Use more glass to make the space feel larger

A glass shower wall looks great in a contemporary bath and helps the space feel more open. Achieve this look with a bathroom faucet and shower fixture from the Ara® Collection.

Get rid of the bathtub.

For some people, like parents of young children, a tub is nonnegotiable. But if you can live without it, reclaim some of the space in your small bath by installing a shower that’s properly sized for the room. If possible, opt for a barrier-free shower or one with glass shower doors. The lack of visible walls will make the space feel more open. If you must keep the tub, use a simple clear shower curtain or a sliding glass door, which is less wall-like and gives the impression of openness.


Small-bath ideas: Wall-mounted faucets

A wall-mount faucet opens up valuable counter space in a small bathroom while keeping essential functions within easy reach.

Consider a wall-mount faucet.

If your bathroom countertop is small, you can save space by moving the faucet to the wall. Mounting the faucet will open up storage behind the basin, helping you reclaim precious inches of countertop. The clean, uncluttered look of a wall-mount faucet creates more visual space, which is key to promoting the illusion of a vast bathroom.


Increase small-bathroom storage: Wall-mounted medicine cabinet

Install a wall-mounted medicine cabinet and you’ll gain an out-of-sight space for the many small personal items that used to clutter up your sink area. The beautifully designed bathroom faucet and the few choice decorations that are left will make a big statement. (photo: @maggierichmonddesign)

Add a wall-mounted medicine cabinet.

Medicine cabinets provide extra storage for small items, often in an unobtrusive way. For narrow bathroom storage, this is a great option. You’ll keep your precious counter space free and clear of personal items and make the area feel less cluttered and crowded.


Small-bathroom design tips: Use hooks for extra storage

Hooks are hardworking and versatile in a small bathroom—they can hold towels, clothes and bathrobes when space is at a premium. A wall-mount faucet also contributes to an uncluttered look. (photo: @motherhoodismymuse)

Add hooks for more storage.

If your bathroom is so small that adding towel racks presents a problem, install hooks. One for every person in your home should suffice—each hook can be used to hang multiple items, such as towels, clothes and bathrobes.


Small-bath design tips: Utilize baskets to hold towels

If you like to keep your towels in the bath but you don’t have a shelf or a cabinet for them, consider putting them in a basket under the sink. A natural material such as wicker adds warmth, much like a Champagne Bronze™ finish on a bathroom faucet. (photo:

Make the most of your linen storage.

If your home lacks a linen closet, consider storing linens and towels in a hallway closet, chest or armoire. If you prefer to keep towels in the bathroom and need more space, floating shelves or a nook converted into a built-in are prime locations for keeping regularly used items. Under the sink is another good place to store a basket filled with fresh towels.


Small-bathroom ideas: Add an extra mirror to brighten up the space

An extra mirror can brighten up a small bath and make it seem bigger—especially in a room with rich décor, like floral wallpaper and a faucet in luxurious Champagne Bronze™.

Add an extra mirror on the wall.

Create the illusion of a larger space by adding more mirrors. A larger mirror increases the amount of reflected light in a room, especially if you can position it to reflect natural light from a window. Experiment with size and placement to get the effect you’re looking for.


Small-bathroom design ideas: Declutter and admire how big the space feels

Declutter your bath and admire how the small space feels bigger. Even a faucet—one with clean, simple lines and a single mounting hole, for example—can have a minimalist effect. (photo: @healthymumma613)

Get rid of the excess.

Clutter instantly overwhelms a space. Start by getting rid of excess bottles, tattered towels and unused products. Making space through decluttering is an important step in feeling as though you have extra room. Store what’s left in an in-shower organizer, and consider limiting the number of products you keep in the bathroom.

For additional help with your small bathroom, our bathroom measurement guide will give you the information you need to create an optimally functioning space.


Small-bathroom ideas