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Spa Gift Basket Ideas: A Holiday Guide for Giving a Spa-like Bath Experience at Home

Choosing the perfect gift can be stressful, whether you’re attending a holiday soiree and need something for the hostess or you’re looking for something to give to a new homeowner or newlyweds. If you’re having trouble finding the right gift, think creatively. Many people love receiving gifts that improve their home space, add a cozy touch or treat them to something they’d never think to buy for themselves. This holiday season, consider giving a gift that will help the recipient create a tranquil spa-like retreat in their bathroom that they’ll enjoy year-round.

  1. For the person who loves a long soak in the tub, consider making some DIY bath bombs. These dissolvable delights can be scented with various oils and dyed in coordinating colors. They’re a great way to encourage peaceful relaxation and they offer a reminder to take time to rest.


  1. Candles are a thoughtful gift that will last for a long time. Scented or unscented, colored or natural white candles all work well in a bath space. Look for a set that comes with pillars, or consider making your own in mason jars.


  1. If you’re feeling crafty or need multiples of the same gift, consider creating homemade sugar scrubs. Some of them are sweet, some sensual or invigorating, but all will be warmly received. Package them in small bags or jars with labels and give them to teachers, friends and neighbors during the holiday season.


  1. Pure essential oils and blends can be used in many spaces around the home to create a warm, welcoming environment. Consider gifting a set of oils that can be enjoyed in the bathroom. Some can be diluted in carrier oils, or sprinkled on a cotton ball and stashed somewhere hidden. If you really want to help your giftee create a peaceful atmosphere, consider giving a diffuser that will spread molecules of the scent throughout their space while creating a peaceful glow.


  1. Another way to give the gift of warmth and calm during the winter season is by creating a bath kit. Any combination of the above items could be included, as well as a mix of Epsom or sea salts and essential oils. Find a mild, soothing recipe that will make everyone happy, like a muscle marinade with chamomile oil.

Whatever you choose to make or buy, the recipient will certainly think of you with fondness as they enjoy their spa-like bathroom. Handmade and homemade gifts are a cost-effective way to impress holiday guests with a special treat. Make a few extra bath bombs, candles or sugar scrubs for yourself to enjoy between holiday parties; you deserve it!