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Inside Look: The Delta Sphere Concept Faucet

Fixtures are more than purpose-driven tools in a home. The greatest fixtures excel in their function and look beautiful while doing it. There are rare instances when the everyday item becomes art. When style and utility transcend, the design conversation moves forward. Among these rarities is the Delta Sphere Concept Faucet, a prototype that debuted in October at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum in New York City as part of National Design Week. From its shape to the way its water flows, the Sphere is taking faucets to the future.

When the Delta Faucet marketing department challenged the design team to produce a faucet for the distant decades, designers T.J. Eads, Seth Fritz and Anthony Spangler ran with the mission, each envisioning a faucet that would be the pinnacle of ingenuity 30 years from now. A conventional form wouldn’t do. They envisioned a faucet that, when first encountered, would be a magical experience. The shape needed to be both familiar and intriguing—hence the moonlike orb, a floating hemisphere suspended in a thin band of timeless chrome. From this collaboration, The Delta Sphere Concept was born.

Faucet Concept & Prototype sketches

The eco-friendly faucet—it’s been tested to deliver 1 gallon of water per minute—is super-drenching. Most faucets deliver a stream; the Sphere delivers what feels like a rain shower, with water pouring from 360 degrees of the globe. Hands can be washed with the Sphere more efficiently than with a traditional faucet.

The Delta Sphere Concept is still a prototype for the lavatory setting, but options for the home are on the Delta design team’s mind. The Sphere was designed to be both modern and understated, taking on the environment where it lives. We’re thinking our bathroom would be the perfect place for the Sphere to take up residence.