Summer in all its warm, sunlit perfection is a wonderful time to give your kitchen and bathroom a refresh with the best of the season’s trends. Thankfully, these design ideas are strong enough to shine in any season. Try them individually or take them all on—most are easy to achieve with little effort.
For the Kitchen

Summer Decorating Trends: Colorful Appliances
Mateo Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O and ShieldSpray Technologies (top)

Colorful Appliances: Stoves, fridges and even coffee makers in bold shades make a kitchen feel that much more festive and welcoming. Shades of rich reds and blue hues are all exciting. Pick your favorite color and don’t be afraid to mix it up. There is no rule that says you can’t mix a yellow espresso machine with a grass green range.

Summer Décor Trends: Graphic Pendant Lights
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Graphic Pendant Lights: Whether over an island, a sink or an eating area, eye-catching pendant lights are an exciting detail in any kitchen. Lively pendants in daring hues or shapes fit any kitchen décor and provide that pop of color we often crave in interiors. Place one over a farmhouse sink as easily as you would over a concrete countertop. For a more subdued look, metallic pendants provide a pleasant glow without the commitment of a rainbow color.

Summer Décor: Bright Area Rugs

Bright Area Rugs: Once upon a time, mats and rugs in kitchens were purely for function, mostly padding your feet through chores like doing dishes. Today, rugs need not serve a purpose besides being a chic detail in a busy space. Select area rugs that enliven the space with pattern and color. It’s perfectly fine if the graphic runner in the work triangle doesn’t match the kilim under the kitchen table. As long as there is a color or pattern that ties them together, mixing prints or styles can make the space feel elevated.
For the Bath

Summer Decorating in the Bathroom
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Art on the Walls: Art should be enjoyed by all in every room of the home. The bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in the home so why not outfit it with framed works? Hang a favorite piece, but nothing too precious. Moisture can damage art—best to stick with works on canvas. Sculpture works well in bathrooms, too.

Summer Decorating Trends: Power Showers
Pivotal Widespread Bathroom Faucet, Pivotal H2Okinetic ShowerH2Okinetic Wall Mount Hand Shower and Pivotal Wall Mounted Tub Filler
Power Showers: Windowpane shower enclosures are a timeless look, guaranteed to take your space to a new level of chic. The look is confident, yet familiar and classic. If enclosed showers aren’t your favorite, barrier-free showers make for strong bathroom décor with a modern flair. Open-access curb-free showers are more than pretty—they’re built to accommodate family members with varying levels of mobility.

Summer Decorating: Daring Tile in the Bath
Trinsic Roman Tub with Hand Shower and Trinsic Monitor 17 Series H2Okinetic Shower 
Daring Tile: Tile backsplashes, floors and showers feel and look more vibrant than ever with the wildly printed and custom tiles available today. While we love subway tiles as much as the next person, this is a chance to challenge expectations with strong colors and unexpected patterns to lift your bathroom into the bold design statement you’ve always dreamed of it being.
For Both Rooms

Summer Décor Trends: Mixing Materials, Metal wood and more
Trinsic Single Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet
Mixing Materials: We cannot say this enough: Mixing materials is a fabulous idea, and not just because it adds an unexpected twist to any kitchen or bath environment. Tastefully looping in layers of texture such as wood, brick, marble and concrete—in one space produces a look that is thoughtful, custom and transcending.

Summer Design Trends: Micro Collections
Pivotal Monitor 17 Series H2Okinetic Shower 
Micro Collections: Grouping of like items walks a fine line between clutter and collecting. To keep the look powerful yet refined, go for a small gathering of unexpected items, like plants displayed in vibrant pottery or colorful healing crystals. Both add a punch of color and energy to either the kitchen or the bath.

Summer Interior Design Trends: Metallic Fixtures
Cassidy Two Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet - Less Handles
Metallic Fixtures: Let’s call it—this look is here to stay. Mixing metals takes away the preciousness of matching and adds a level of daring to both kitchen and bath décor. Champagne Bronze and Matte Black cohabitate well in the same space, as do Chrome and Black Stainless. The look is easy to achieve. Start by fighting the urge to coordinate your fixtures with your cabinet pulls.

Summer Decorating: Plants Galore
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Plants Galore: There is something so satisfying about large volumes of plants in a kitchen or bath. Plants provide a generous layer of color in any environment. If you don’t have a green thumb, confidently procure fakes that look realistic. Cover the windowsill in the kitchen or hang plants in the shower. Either way, you’re winning.
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