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Temp2O Technology: No More Shrieking in the Shower!

A clever new invention that displays your shower’s water temperature means you’ll never have to feel the burn—or the big chill—again

What is it?

Temp2O is a new showerhead and handshower technology that displays the exact degree of the water temperature. So when you're under that glorious waterfall, the only surprise will be that you've run out of your favorite conditioner.

How does it work?

When you turn on the water, an LED screen in the showerhead or handshower alerts you to the current reading of the temperature sensor. Too hot or too cold? Move the handle to adjust the temp, keeping your eye on the screen. Stop when you reach water nirvana. If you prefer a more visual clue, check out the three-color indicator: A blue LED screen symbolizes that the water is below 80 degrees; magenta means it’s between 80 and 110; red indicates the water is higher than 110 degrees.

But is it a regular showerhead?

Temp2O showerheads come with six spray settings, including massage, shampoo and drenching. The showerhead, as well as the handheld, uses only two gallons of water per minute, which is a 20 percent savings over most standard models, says Megan Stacker, a Delta Faucet associate product manager. It’s good for your budget and Mother Earth!

Does it run on batteries?

Nope, not even one. The temperature sensor is powered by the water running through it. As soon as you turn the water on, the LED screen starts functioning; as soon as you turn the water off, it shuts down. This isn’t low maintenance—this is no maintenance!

Do I need to call my plumber?                 

Not unless you’re inviting him or her over for dinner. This is a job you can handle: To install a Temp2O model, simply unscrew your current showerhead (or handheld) and screw the new one into place.