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bar prep

When it comes to preparing food, cooking and cleaning up, your kitchen faucet is your best ally. It stands ever-ready to rinse fruits, veggies and dirty plates-a-plenty. A silent partner in all things culinary, it certainly does its fair share of work in the kitchen. What could be better than a beautifully designed and functional faucet? There’s only one possible solution: two of them!

You might not immediately see the value in having a second faucet in your kitchen, but ask anyone who has installed a bar/prep faucet and you’ll hear a rave report. The addition of a second faucet frees up the main faucet and sink for larger tasks, like cleaning big pots or providing a place to soak baking sheets. The smaller, secondary faucet can serve as a place for hand washing, beverage refilling and prep work if the main sink is occupied.


Cassidy Single-Handle Bar/Prep Faucet in Arctic Stainless

A kitchen isn’t the only spot in your home where having an extra faucet makes sense. Add one to your living room or den to create a cozy spot for creating cocktails without having to leave your guests unattended. Install a sink next to your beverage cart or create a countertop space for bottles, glasses and swizzle sticks. When you have larger soirees, your guests will feel at ease helping themselves to a beverage or rinsing their glass.


Trinsic® Two-Handle Widespread Lavatory Metal Pop-Up in Champagne Bronze and Trinsic® Single-Handle Bar/Prep Faucet in Champagne Bronze

Another spot you might not have considered for a bar/prep faucet is the bedroom. Although not an obvious choice, in-room faucets are common in hotels and will give you the convenience of a quick glass of water in the middle of the night without having to wander far from your bed. It might also help you meet your hydration goal by encouraging you to start the day with a glass of water. If water is close and convenient, you’re more likely to drink it. Win-win!

Wherever you choose to install a bar/prep faucet, you’ll benefit from the easy accessibility of filling a glass, rinsing a dish, cleaning a utensil or prepping for dinner. Your entertaining game will kick up a notch because you won’t have to miss any conversation to step out of the room to access the sink. With so many benefits to installing a bar/prep faucet, you might want them in multiple spots throughout your house!