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If you’re feeling underwhelmed by your shower’s style or performance, it’s time to step up your shower game. The shower is a sanctuary, the place for an invigorating yet relaxing experience each time you step in and turn on the water. It’s too important a space in your home to tolerate suboptimal style.
If you think transforming a shower into a more inspiring space requires installing new plumbing into the walls or ceiling, think again. The Emerge Shower Column is an easy solution that makes an instant impact, bringing a whole new level of innovation to your bathroom environment.

Shower Column InstallationEmerge Shower ColumnTrinsic Hand Shower, H2Okinetic 3-Setting Raincan Shower Head and Trinsic Monitor 17 Series Valve (above); Emerge Shower ColumnAra Monitor 17 Series ValveH2Okinetic 3-Setting Raincan Shower Head and H2Okinetic 5-Setting Hand Shower (top)
The Delta Emerge Shower Column marries European-inspired sophistication and impeccable function. The clean, sleek column is easy to install—simply mount it to the existing shower wall and utilize the current plumbing. The Emerge Shower Column comes in two finishes, Chrome and Brilliance Stainless, and in either an angular modern or a round contemporary style. And to ensure it fits in your shower, it’s available in two lengths: 18 inches and 26 inches.

Emerge Shower Column with Shower WandEmerge Shower ColumnH2Okinetic 4-Setting Hand ShowerH2Okinetic 3-Setting Raincan Shower HeadTesla Monitor 17 Series Valve Only Trim and Tesla Tub Spout - Pull-Up Diverter
For maximum relaxation, the column is customizable with any Delta shower head or hand shower in your preferred finish. By mixing elements, you can build a high-end shower that looks alluring and recharges your body and mind with spa-like pampering. Thanks to a three-way diverter, you can run the overhead shower and the hand shower together or utilize the features of each component separately. The overhead functionality doesn’t even require additional plumbing in the ceiling. Adjusting the height of the hand shower for the perfect angle is a breeze thanks to a mount that slides up and down the column.
So say goodbye to worries of a costly plumbing overhaul to achieve an elegant and satisfying shower upgrade. With the Emerge Shower Column, your bathroom becomes the stylish, indulgent oasis it should be, without the hassle.