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Mixing Metals Article

You might have grown up following the rule that metals shouldn’t be mixed. Until recently, gold and silver jewelry were seldom worn side by side, but trends change. What was once seen as a faux pas is now chic, even in kitchen and bath fixtures. Here are three ways to incorporate this trend and create a beautifully designed space that’s fashion forward.

Family Friendly

With so many beautiful faucet finishes to choose from, there’s no longer a reason to choose just one. If mixing metals is a trend you’d like to try, we’ve got some tips for making it work in your space. Since your faucets will be the most attention-grabbing feature of your bathroom, select them first and then add items like lighting and hardware in the same style family: traditional, transitional or contemporary. By keeping styles similar, the metallic elements in your bath will look cohesive despite their different finishes.

In the Zone

By creating zones, you can easily incorporate bronze, gold and silver tones without interrupting the visual flow of the room. Choosing a single finish for all the faucets in one area, like the Champagne Bronze in the double vanity above, will create a unified look. Create a separate zone for storage by choosing a contrasting finish for drawer and cabinet pulls, like the stainless drawer pulls pictured. A third zone is created by repeating the Champagne Bronze from the faucets into the shower and bath area. This zoned look creates visual harmony because the finishes subtly reveal the task: all water-related fixtures are Champagne Bronze, the lighting fixtures (chandelier and sconce) are both copper, and the drawer and cabinet pulls are uniform in a silver tone.

Standout Look

A critical element of making the mixed-metals look work is making it obvious that a design was created with intention. To make your selections pop with purpose, place them against a backdrop of a different color. For example, the sophisticated, warm look of a Champagne Bronze faucet stands out against a backdrop of gray, just as a cooler finish like Arctic Stainless looks stunning when paired with earth tones. If you’re looking for an option that will pair flawlessly with tones from either end of the palette spectrum, go for matte black. This neutral, dark finish can blend in or stand out depending on its surroundings, and creates a powerful statement that always looks intentional.

By selecting finishes in the same design family, creating zones and designing with intent, you’ll create a space with visual interest and look that’s all your own.