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Trinsic Pro: From Prototype to Your Kitchen

The Delta Design Process, With Designer T.J. Eads

Making its debut this month is the Trinsic Pro, an extension of the classic Trinsic faucet collection, with added functionality and a new look for the home. We sat down with Trinsic Pro’s designer, T.J. Eads, a 5-year Delta designer, to get the scoop on this springy new offering from Delta.


Q: What was your inspiration for Trinsic Pro?
A: There has been a recent movement in the food industry revolving around food as art. The preparation, presentation, and even the dining experience have a growing culture evident through everything from television shows to Instagram.
As the trend continues, home cooks want to replicate what they see in commercial kitchens. While you can buy a commercial faucet and simply drop it into your home, the scale most often does not match that of the residential kitchen (the faucet is too big and overpowers the space). Trinsic Pro solves both the scale and cleaning issues that most commercial products do not address. The clean lines and professional feel of Trinsic Pro help the end user elevate their culinary stage when hosting their friends and family.
Q: What was the Delta design group’s reaction to your Trinsic Pro design?
A: While it wasn’t a startling departure from Trinsic, the texture and functionality added by the spring really did get the team excited. It was a nice update that resonated well with those food fanatics on our team who like to cook and entertain at home. I even made sure to get one of the first faucets made for my new custom-built home, and we are very excited to use it.

Q: What would make someone want to have this faucet in his or her kitchen?
A: The faucet is very clean, with sleek lines, and differs from other spring faucets in many ways. First, the tightly coiled spring is much cleaner and completes the full arc of the spout, which is actually much more difficult to manufacture (the spring extends a full semicircle from the top of the straight hub to the wand).
Second, the proportions and scale of the faucet allow it to fit comfortably in a home kitchen versus the very large commercial kitchens designed for restaurant use. Third, aside from the flexible spring functionality, we added another magnet, allowing the faucet to function as a typical pull-down. This was a huge bonus that allows users to easily extend the wand to all corners of the sink. To top it all off, we will launch this faucet with Touch20 technology.


TrinsicPro_Article-Small3.jpgQ: Tell us about the role Trinsic Pro played in the Elevate Design Collective and why it was chosen to display the new Pantone color.
A: Once we saw the contemporary SoHo Loft, we knew that Trinsic Pro was the best choice. The high-end appliances along with Trinsic Pro just seemed to fit the bill for a sophisticated user focused on the details of life — including food. The ceilings were a minimum of 12 feet, so we needed a slightly larger-scaled faucet that complemented the space instead of competing for attention. We had the faucet finished in a ‘yet-to-be-named brushed gunmetal.’  This finish coordinated perfectly with the black stainless appliances. 

​Q: What led you to a career designing faucets for Delta?
A: I grew up working for my parents’ excavation company. I enjoyed the problem-solving and design elements of changing the landscape for a new house. I set out to further my education and see if there was something more I could do with my design interests.    
I spoke to my college adviser about options, given my design and drawing interests. She said, “Have you ever heard of industrial design?” I of course answered no. Then, she continued to tell me that I “could design anything from sinks to snowboards.”  I’ll never forget her saying that. I said, “Well, sign me up!” I liked the idea that I could design anything.