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kitchen with shelves

This guest post is from our friend Jennifer Holmes of Dear Lillie. If you like her style, check out her design, decor and lifestyle blog.


One of the things I was most unsure of when we first saw our new house was the wet bar area. I knew that I didn't want to keep it as is, but wasn't sure if we should rip it out entirely or try to update it and turn it into a coffee bar. However, shortly after giving the space a trial run, we discovered we LOVED having a coffee station. 

I gave the space a quick, temporary update to it by painting the cabinetry and ripping out the lattice work. When the woodworker arrived in February, he ripped out the upper cabinets and backsplash and installed a beautiful shiplap backsplash, new cabinets and a rustic new shelf. This beautiful new faucet from our sponsor, Delta was the perfect finishing touch! We chose the Cassidy Bar/Prep Faucet in the Champagne Bronze finish and it is absolutely beautiful!

I absolutely love the faucet! It's the perfect mix of traditional and modern, and the color coordinates perfectly with the marble countertops.


We also added the larger version of the Cassidy with Touch20 Technology on the other side of the room to our kitchen. My girls are completely fascinated with the "magic faucet!” I can't believe how much I love the Touch20 function. I knew it was cool, but I didn't realize just how practical it was as well. For instance, last night my hands were completely covered in dough and I was able to simply tap part of my arm against it to get the water started. It's also great when I am trying to fill a heavy pot or vase. 

And we all find this fascinating – there is a small light that changes color depending on the temperature. My kids love watching it change from hot to cold and then back again. 

We hope you all have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by!