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Want to Reinvigorate Your Décor? Start Mixing Materials

We love discussing the virtues of mixing metals and celebrating the vitality in blending various finishes, but let’s take the conversation a step further and talk about the beauty in mixing materials, the melding of seemingly disparate components to produce spaces so special and intriguing, they feel customized.

You’ll want to start by exploring the textural quality of your home’s materials with a focus on bringing elements to your space that stimulate the eye and add interest. Materials that once seemed unmatchable are worth considering as they may produce innovative juxtaposition. For example, concrete, glass, wood and stone may not seem like they belong in one space, but they most certainly could. Pairing unexpected materials can create the best design surprise. 

Interior Design Tips: Mix Metals with Tile

Trinsic Pro Single-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Spring Spout
and Trinsic Single-Handle Pull-Down Bar / Prep Faucet 
(above); Single-Handle Lavatory Faucet with Touch2O.xt Technology
Monitor 17 Series H2Okinetic Shower Trim and Zura Floor-Mount Tub Filler

This kitchen is delightful for so many reasons (who doesn’t love monochromatic herringbone-patterned floors?), but the textures at play make this space really rise to the occasion. With the richly detailed wooden door and shiplap walls, one might expect a more sylvan-inspired backsplash behind the sink. In fact, we get the opposite. The icy color of the glass tile backsplash adds a visceral touch of nautical calm. This prominent mix of wood and glass is an unexpected yet blissful union.

Mixing Materials: Tile, Stone, and Wood
Trinsic Bathroom Sink Faucet, Compel Adjustable Wall-Mount Hand Shower, Trinsic H2Okinetic Tub & Shower and
Contemporary Floor-Mount Tub-Filler


A fireplace in a master bathroom is certainly a special feature, and this elevated one is bringing tons of beautiful (unexpected) drama to this space. The roughly textured stone wall juxtaposed with the smooth white porcelain of this freestanding bathtub is an intriguing matchup, both as a focal point and a conversation starter, while the Champagne Bronze fixtures provide the glamorous sparkle needed to enliven the natural beige tones. Striking a balance between the shiny marble countertop, muted porcelain and rugged stone is what makes this elegant bathroom a standout.

Mixing Materials: Blending Woods
Trinsic Single-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet in Matte Black

A blend of top-notch woods is always an interesting aspect to a well-designed kitchen. But incorporating a prominent stone column is both unexpected and deft. The stone column provides a strong architectural detail while still nicely maintaining the same natural color palette as the wood. Shifting patterns, textures and materials while maintaining the overall tone is a design win.

Interior Design Trends: Mixed Materials
Zura Single-Handle Lavatory Faucet and TempAssure 17T Series Shower Trim

Here, the intersection of concrete, wood and glass illuminates the perfection of mixing materials with subtle layers of detail, kept in check by a neutral color scheme. There’s a gentle rhythm to a design in which the trees outside provide the only major burst of color. There is depth to the textures in this room, and it’s clear to see that concrete is chic, especially when incorporated into this modern bathroom as a vanity. While the individual pieces of this bathroom—a concrete shower, shiplap-style tile and glass—are fine on their own, it’s magic when they come together.
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