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The Year's Best Kitchen Appliances and Gadgets

With Wi-Fi meat thermometers and toasters that count down to breakfast, the year's cutting-edge appliances and gadgets are heading into <em>Jetsons</em> territory

Girl Friday Fridge

The GE Profile French Door refrigerator, the first hands-free autofill water dispenser on the market, lets you place an empty bottle or pitcher on its pullout tray, then walk away. A valve sends water into your container and sensors stop the flow when it’s full. Think of it as “no press, no mess.”

Meat Minder

Monitor your porterhouse as it cooks from up to 200 feet away with the iGrill wireless Bluetooth-enabled meat thermometer. Through its downloadable app, you’ll get an alert when your food is ready. Well done!

Freedom Faucet

Look, Ma, no hands! Kitchen prep becomes a whole lot easier with Delta’s Touch2O® faucets. The miraculous technology lets you turn a faucet on and off with just a light tap anywhere on the spout or handle.

Very Nice Rice

Smart beyond its years, the Zojirushi induction heating pressure rice cooker relies on artificial intelligence controls to custom-cook rice depending on the particular grain variety (sushi, white and brown).

Monster Mincer

This is a lot to swallow: The 20-cup Cuisinart food processor’s motor is so powerful and its feed tube so wide, it can slice and dice whole fruits and vegetables in one gulp—no precutting necessary.

Dishwasher Detective

With a Wi-Fi connection, Miele’s Futura Diamond dishwasher sends performance data to the company’s monitoring center. If it detects a problem, you’ll get a heads up and a repair technician to fix it. Maybe even more extraordinary: You can safely wash stemware in the lower rack.

Self-Timing Toaster

Like New Year’s Eve without the confetti, the KitchenAid’s 4-slice toaster with digital display counts down how much time is left until your bread is ready for its butter.

Brainiac Cooktop

The heat is on with Thermador’s 36-inch Freedom induction cooktop, the largest fully usable cooking surface on the market that comes with a full-color intuitive touch-screen display. This nifty appliance automatically senses the size and shape of any pot or pan placed on its surface and starts working from there.