A Millennial’s Design Plea: More Storage Please!
Move over Baby Boomers, there’s a new generation in town. If you haven’t heard, Millennials—your clients born between 1982 and 2000—are now the largest generational demographic in America, and they are starting to voice their wants and needs. Their latest request? More. Storage. Please.
For some, it’s because they have a houseful of roommates. Others have a young family and need places to store all of the stuff that comes with that. Still, others just want to live in a small space that takes a smaller toll on the environment. The bottom line is: Millennials as a whole like a more compact, functional home—and storage is a must.
It’s not surprising  that recently the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) found linen closets, walk-in pantries and garage storage were among the Millennials’ most-wanted home features. Here are a few more hacks to help your clients find more space for their stuff.
Make room in the loo. A few extra shelves and voilà: a surplus of storage! Truly, look at your client’s bathroom and you will see blank walls above the toilet, above the bath, opposite the sink, above the door. Fill those walls with beautiful, open shelving. Doing so will not only create more storage, but will make the loo feel larger to boot. Exposed under-sink shelving is another on-trend option.
Kitchen encounters. Make room in the kitchen. Tuck potatoes and onions away neatly inside dry produce drawers. Arrange unruly spice jars with angled spice drawer trays. Install pull-out pan organizers inside existing cabinets. Place trash and recycling cans side-by-side in pull-out shelves. Implement these design elements and your Millennial will no doubt be forever indebted to your ingenuity.
Find it in furniture. Your clients needn’t knock down walls and build new closets to find space for their stuff. Find functional furniture that can double as storage. Think mudroom benches, storage ottomans, wall-hung TV cabinets, storage beds and the like. Plus, as Millennials grow up and out of their existing space, they can take these with them.
Now go on. Get to work on your next storage scheme.