A One-Trick Pony No More
A One-Trick Pony No More

The kitchen isn’t the one-trick pony it once was. This modern multi-tasking machine has evolved to keep pace with an ever-changing population that is increasingly niche in its needs. These changes have no doubt altered the way your clients’ want to use water in their kitchens. Check out these trends and tricks that make today’s kitchens tick:

The Gathering Place. Creating an interactive environment is key for high-use kitchens. No one likes to turn their back on their guests, so putting a prep sink on an island with bar seating allows the chefs and guests to interact during food prep.

Time-saving kitchen. Your time-crunched clients need an easy-to-navigate kitchen to ease the burden associated with cooking or entertaining. Put their kitchen tools where they’re most needed to reduce shuffling from workstation to workstation. A pull-out pantry and a pull-down faucet may just save their sanity.

Universal Appeal. Thanks to thoughtful design, people of all ages and abilities are living at home. Universal design, of course, takes a practical approach to living spaces, without compromising style. Take water, for example. In a universally designed kitchen, this essential element must be accessible from a seated or standing position. Include height adjustable sinks and single-handle or touch-enabled faucets make the sink even more practical.

It Ain’t Easy Being Green. When sustainability in the kitchen is a priority, faucets can be an easy fix. Balance the need between water- and time-efficiencies in filling pots or the sink by looking for faucets that toggle between the water-efficient flow rate and higher flow rate.

Culinary Enthusiast. Clients who revel in the art of cooking want the best in form and function for their kitchens, including convenient access to water by way of prep sinks and point-of-use faucets. Delta Touch2O® Technology can make the cooking experience even more enjoyable while usefully reducing cross-contamination and clean-up.

All-About-the-House. As a society of conveniences, it has become second nature to add convenience in the home. Kitchenettes, for one, make it easier to get that first cup of coffee or retrieve food and beverages when entertaining. And with an abundance of faucet designs, it’s a cinch to fit a faucet into any room.

Want to dive deeper?  Check out the Delta Faucet free continuing education course Innovative Water Delivery Solutions for Today’s Kitchen Designs.