How contractors ever got anything done before the age of apps is beyond us. Lug around a heavy toolbox and reams of paperwork? No thanks. We’d rather turn our smartphones into pocket-size toolboxes. You, too? Then here are a few apps you may want to check out:
iHandy Carpenter The iHandy Carpenter combines five professional tools into one app. There’s a plumb bob, a surface level, a bubble level bar, a steel protractor and a steel ruler that supports both inches and centimeters.
Delta® Vision  Clients can get a sneak peek at what their kitchen will look like with a new faucet upgrade thanks to Delta Vision. Snap a picture of a kitchen or lavatory faucet and use the app to insert any Delta faucet in its place. Is this a shameless plug? Yes. But is the app super helpful? Yes!
Fraction Calculator Plus Billed as the best and easiest way to deal with everyday fraction problems, this math app makes materials calculations a cinch.
Home Design 3D Design, create, decorate and share your best plans across devices with this cross-platform compatible app.
HOVER Another handy 3D-modeling app, HOVER helps you create interactive models from photographs. Use it to play with different design elements of a home and for accessing accurate measurements that will help you create reliable estimates.
Skitch This useful app allows remodelers to add annotations directly onto pictures, which helps convey thoughts or ideas more accurately.
Renoworks Pro With Renoworks Pro, clients can better visualize what a home redesign may look like. Contractors upload a photo from their phone or Google Street View onto the app where they can change the design using real products from manufacturer libraries and ultimately share it with the client.
I.D. Wood A pocket guide to types of wood from around the world, this handy helper includes more than 200 full-screen wood samples along with notes on their species names, botanical names, wood descriptions, woodworking properties, sustainability, durability and more.
Whether technology has simplified our lives or not is debatable. These apps, however, do seem to make a big difference. We hope you find one or more of them useful.