Accessories are like magic. Bland turns grand with the wave of a remodeler’s wand. Poof! A new tub takes a basic loo from functional to fabulous. A luxury light fixture makes dim design dynamite. Dinner is now delicious with the help of a smart oven. While accessories may not be necessities, their potential is plausible. Just look at these top trends in home design:
High-tech toilets. While high-tech toilets may be business as usual in some corners of the globe, the savvy seats are finally catching on here in the U.S. Take toilets with illuminating night lights. This practical idea provides clients and their families a gentle, guiding light in the dark of night. We are also seeing heightened interest in low-flow toilets and those that self-clean, self-deodorize, open or close with the wave of a hand, come with heated or air-conditioned seats, or include bidets.
Built-in coffee stations. Whether it’s to make guests feel more at home or to keep them out of the cook’s way, clients are clamoring for built-in coffee stations. This amenity is typically situated near a seating area and tends to include a drawer for coffee essentials, a pull-out counter or workspace, a coffee cup cabinet and a prep sink.
Living walls. Natural environments have been shown to boost moods, calm the spirit and improve health and healing. It’s no wonder then that living walls are growing in popularity. From a designer’s point of view, living walls can also breathe new life into interior design. Go big with in-the-wall drip irrigation systems or take a subtler approach by hanging planters on a wall. Either will be to the benefit of your client.
Smart accessories. “Okay, Google.” “Alexa.” Your clients are talking to their new tech “friends” on a regular basis, and it seems to have only whetted their appetite for more smart accessories. Trending now are smart appliances that inform them if their refrigerator door was left open, allows them to turn the oven on or off from a remote location, informs them when the laundry will finish or even warns them if the sink springs a leak. We think these accessories are pretty smart.
So maybe accessories aren’t really magic. But they can add an additional element of fun to your clients’ projects.