Used to be you’d give your client a shower that delivered hot water, and they’d be pleased as pie. Thanks to a plethora of new technologies and an appetite for luxury, showers aren’t so simple anymore. Feed your clients’ desire for the good life by whipping up showers fit for a spa. The main ingredient? Spray components, of course. Here’s what you need to know:
It’s how you position it. Water splashing in unexpected places is not fun, making positioning the sprays critical. So be considerate with this design detail. Showerheads should be situated so they are not too high for small stature people or force tall individuals to stoop. Body sprays and jet modules should be fixed at or below shoulder level. Sprays should work together to surround the body with water and be positioned so the user feels them all at the same time.
Upgrade the experience, not the pipes. Create a custom shower for your clients without extensive upgrades to existing plumbing with uniquely engineered H2Okinetic® showerheads, handshowers and body sprays. These water-efficient showers flow at an efficient 1.5 to 2.0 gallons per minute (gpm), but emulate the sensation of about 40% more flow, so users can enjoy the feeling of more water without using more water. In other words, you can give your clients the spa-inspired shower of their dreams without taxing their plumbing.
Dial it in. One of the joys of a custom shower is being able to Individualize each experience. Utilize diverters to allow your client to pick and choose sprays to match her mood. This handy hardware enables simple shifts between the showerhead and a combination of favorite outlet selections, simply by dialing in the combination on the diverter.
Under pressure. Too many components running at the same time can lead to spray that is too soft and low pressure. So make a note: keep the number of active outlets below the flow rate of the valve at the specified water pressure. You may also want to consider a pressure booster.
The main lesson? Well-played spray makes all the difference in shower design. Learn more about spray components and spa-inspired showers by taking Delta Faucet Company’s free continuing education course titled The Evolution of Shower Systems: Creating a Spa-Like Experience.