All the World’s a Stage…And So is Your Model Home
The world is your stage or at least your model home is. Cast it well and watch it sell. Cast, you ask? Yes. But this casting call is for memory points, not actors. Memory points are defining design details that help set the scene, showcase your brand and win you a callback from potential homebuyers. Here are a few tips from the memory point script:
Tell your story. Model homes are more than a pretty face. They can be your best sales tool, so use them as such. Orchestrate memory points that reveal your brand’s attributes and will bring buyers back for a second take. 
Speak to your audience. Are you building in a bustling ‘burb or are your homes burrowed in a quaint corner downtown? Wherever the nest, study your potential buyers and get to know their desires. This will indicate the type of memory points that will be most palatable to them. Consider a decked out mudroom, complete with doggy wash station and homework nooks. Cue tears of joy from busy family. For a young urban couple? Jetted showers may make a bigger splash. The lesson: make memory points that mirror your buyers’ dreams and lifestyles.
Thicken the plot with an on-trend touch. A lovely mural or interesting art may look nice, but incorporating on-trend style helps make memory points that will last. For instance, a freestanding tub can create a sensational statement that builds upon a builder’s luxury brand. A prep sink can put water in its place in a kitchen built for home chefs, while giving a nod to a builder’s functional design prowess. Dotting the house with techy features like a transparent TV, a high-tech air purification system, touch-activated faucets and the like are sure to turn on tech-minded trendsetters.
Remember, the model home truly is your best sales stage. Now go on, break a leg