The Nursing Nook at The Fashion Mall at Keystone is a welcoming new addition to the bustling Indianapolis shopping mall. The secluded area gives mothers a private refuge to nurse and tend to their children away from the busyness of the popular shopping destination. Designed by Ratio Architects, Inc., the peaceful nook helps put mothers and babies at peace with its soothing color palette and comfortable furniture. Delta® Ara® faucets featuring Proximity® Sensing Technology and coordinating electronic soap dispensers are also essential to the intended convenience of the space.
With sleek, contemporary design elements, the Ara faucets blend perfectly with the property’s stylish feel. Moreover, the ease of responsive, hands-free technology offers an amenity well-suited to a luxury mall—triggering the flow of water at the approach of a hand. Since their installation, the Delta Faucet products have reliably delighted hundreds of mothers—serving the public in a very private space.
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