Sure, your clients could watch their favorite sports team from the comfort of their living room. They could. Or, they could watch their beloved team wreck havoc on the field while they sit in a full-blown sport-spectator room of their very own. Why not go for the win by creating a sensational sports sanctuary for your fan-fueled clients? Here’s how:
Make media the main event. Media must be consumable from all angles of the room. A large, high-definition TV is a must. Situating it on a swivel is a good idea, too. And don’t forget surround sound for equal opportunity listening. Secondly, media controls should be accessible—and not just the remotes. Homeowners need easy access to all their multimedia operating systems—cable, Apple® TV, DVD, stereo, even lighting, home security, you name it—so tuck them into one dedicated cabinet in the media room. That way, if the cable goes rogue before a big game, your client will have swift access to its controls.
Serve one mini kitchen with a not-so-mini bar. A dedicated kitchen may not be priority for this entertainment room, but your client will need a place to mix drinks, cool drinks, and prep hors d’oeuvres without missing a play. Make sure there’s a stocked mini-fridge, cooling drawers and an ample counter with bar sink. A dishwasher? Not a must, but a fan favorite.
Chute to score. Win or lose, no client wants a hefty mess to clean-up post game. Lend a hand by installing a recycling chute that will make cleanup of bottles, cans and paper goods effortless. The chute, which can hide behind a small decorative door, will carry recyclables directly to the main recycling bin located either in or outside of the house. Cleanup doesn’t get easier than that.
Diffuse defeat with gaming distractions. Some handle defeat better than others. Redirect game day emotions with foosball, billiards and a game station. Then watch fury fade into fun. No matter the score, your clients (and their spouses!) will no doubt see that as a win.
Go team go!