Be a Superhero by Thwarting Predictable Design Obstacles
Be a Superhero by Thwarting Predictable Design Obstacles

Knowing what to expect in life is half the battle. Don’t you think? As such, kitchen and bath professionals who anticipate obstacles for their clients can swoop in and save the day (and project) by keeping design and installation challenges at bay… even without a cape. To give you a leg up, check out the top five challenges homeowners routinely face, as revealed by this year’s Houzz and Home study of more than 260,000 Houzz users.

1. Halt Highway Robbery

A whopping 52% of homeowners surveyed in the annual study said that staying on budget was among the biggest challenges they faced when building a custom home. Listen, we all get that—and as pros, we can help steer homeowners toward products fitting in function, fashion and finances.

2. With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Staying true to the construction schedule was a top challenge for 34% of respondents. Sometimes scheduling snafus happen. Why not build a few buffer days into the schedule? Who knows, you may even be a bigger hero and finish the project early!

3. Holy Product Overload, Batman!

Selecting the right products and materials stumped 28% of those surveyed. Our guess is these homeowners did not work close enough with a design pro! Be the voice of guidance for your customer and consider incorporating the DeltaVision iTunes app as part of your product visualization process.

4. Beware of Kryptonite

Twenty-three percent cited dealing with the unexpected as an unwelcome challenge. Who can blame them?  No one wants to hear their plumbing is on the outs when all they really want is a beautiful faucet, such as something from the new Essa® Kitchen Collection. Some things are simply out of a pro’s control. For the rest, stay on top of your projects and anticipate needs for your client.

5. Here I Come to Save the Day!
Finding the right service providers was a top-of-mind challenge for one-fifth of respondents. Make sure homeowners know your name, so it’s you they call. Stay on top of your social media and other marketing efforts, build out a robust Houzz profile, showcase customer compliments and always be responsive.

It’s not rocket science to know that budgets, schedules and products are top concerns of clients, but this report offers proof. Now go on. Be a superhero.