Create Come-Hither Curb Appeal in Model Homes
You should never judge a book by its cover, but let’s be honest, everyone does. That’s why curb appeal is so important in the marketing of model homes. You want your landscaping to will potential buyers to the front door, not keep them at bay. Cultivate come-hither curb appeal with these expert tips:
Front door bling. The front door is the gateway to your model home, make it pop. Paint it a fresh, stand-out color that brightens the entryway and exudes a feeling of warmth and welcome. Adorn it with an interesting doorknocker that adds a polished appeal and, unlike wreaths, is always in season.
Lush (not lux!) lawn. A healthy green lawn is a home’s best exterior accessory. Thick green grass with easy care landscaping gives homebuyers confidence in not only the health of the house but assures them they can enjoy the yard right away without having to invest time and dollars into it fixing it up. Similarly, overly luxurious lawns can be intimidating. Keep it simple.
Patio perfect. Extend the model home’s living quarters by incorporating an outdoor living space into its blueprint. By adding essential lifestyle elements like a wet bar, beverage cooler, fireplace, potted plants and furniture, you will help homebuyers envision a life better lived under the stars. Correction: They will imagine a life better lived under these stars.
See the light. Solar light fixtures are an easy and affordable way to add interest to your model home’s yard. Use them to illuminate walkways or add glow alongside the flowerbed. Or hang solar string lights in trees or near the outdoor living space for a whimsical touch.
Virtual appeal. Homebuyers are searching for homes online. Unless you are Rip Van Winkle, this is not news to you. But did you know that a full 88% are doing so? That means your curb appeal extends to the virtual drive by as well as the usual Sunday stroll. Make sure you have lots of fab shots of the home uploaded and online