ADVISA—a staple of Carmel, Indiana’s Art and Design district—helps their clients improve and transform. When it came time for the company to reinvent its own image, they turned to the Delta Trinsic Kitchen and Bath Collections.
After 30 years of success, ADVISA took a hard look at itself and wanted to rebrand its space to match its progressive and youthful mindset. The cramped, century-old house was an ideal location that needed a renovation reflective of the company’s new brand.
President Heather Haas and Project Manager Kyle Hawkins guided the office’s six-month rebuild, alongside designer Jamie Gauker of J. Gauker Interiors, to deliver a warmer and more modern atmosphere that accurately reflected ADVISA’s mission, employees and efforts. Though the footprint of the old building remained, the interior was completely rebuilt to create a more expansive and welcoming space. New windows allowed for an influx of natural light and new furniture enhanced the atmosphere’s modern, yet comfortable feel.
Hawkins extended the building’s modern ambiance into the centralized kitchen and three baths with the assistance of the Trinsic Collection, which is known for its sleek sophistication, style and functionality.
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