Robin Burrill is a natural at renovations. As CEO and interior designer for the design/build company Curb Appeal Renovations, she has helped her fair share of clients achieve the remodel of their dreams. We are delighted she has joined the panel of judges for the Mess Maker competition! Robin divulged these interesting insights during a recent chat:

Life: A Catalyst for Design
Robin believes it helps so much when designers get to know their clients and really come to understand how they live before diving into design. In remodeling, she says, it all comes down to function, durability and look. Designers who understand their client’s lifestyle, will best know how to achieve all three.

A Doggy Dog Designer
Robin may love animals as much as she adores design. If she could have dozens of dogs, she would. Dozens?! True story. Yet, she stopped at 6. Phew. Though there is this pot belly pig she’s got her eye on…

Try Before You Buy
If there’s one piece of advice Robin tries to drive home it is that clients should always try a product before they buy it. She says while a design may be beautiful, it may not be functional. Ridges on a faucet may well enhance its aesthetic, but what happens if hard water starts to build up in those ridges? It could drive some clients nuts. We agree. Excellent advice Robin.