Designer Profile - Tony Thompson
Designer Profile - Tony Thompson
Tony Thompson of Tony Thompson Design knows what it takes to make a house a home. And with over a decade’s worth of experience and award-winning projects, he has the credentials to back it up. His success and inspiration can be attributed to his career beginning in interior design. This soon led to his interest—turned passion—in new construction, which ultimately guided him to the “soup-to-nuts” projects he seeks out now.

To help bring a client’s visions to life, Thompson likes to learn what motivates them to make that first call, as well as what makes them tick, so he can construct spaces that breathe their spirit. It could be a piece of furniture, a rug or chandelier. But in addition to crafting the design (which is only part of the fun), Thompson stays on top of lifestyle trends everyone can implement. Here’s what he’s seeing:

Heart of the Home.
As the epicenter of a household, the kitchen is not only a spot to cook, but a place to gather, build memories, pay the bills and late-night snack. It keeps the home beating. And because of this, clients are looking for convenience and time-saving products, like induction cooktops and steam appliances. Topping that, however, are modern advancements, which is why Thompson favors smart innovations like Touch2O® Technology, that combines a stylish faucet design with functionality. Even with messy hands and sticky fingers, one simple touch turns water on or off—allowing Thompson’s clients to use water in more efficient ways.

Luxurious Living.
A client’s next getaway may be closer than they think. Thompson is bringing the spa home with luxurious bathrooms, complete with spacious shower retreats equipped with handheld body sprays, raincan-esque shower heads and freestanding tubs. Natural light, a result of a design with ample windows, is also a wow factor.

Mix and Match.
Some spaces beg for the outdoors to be brought in—allowing shades and textures to flow throughout. This means mixing and matching patterns and colors which provide contrast for visual interest when a person walks in a room, and adding textures to create a ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ environment. Thompson sees more and more clients being open to this idea, which leaves them not only living in their dream space, but inspiring creativity in everyday life.