If we were the betting kind, we’d bet the contents of your in-box vastly outweigh the contents of your mailbox. Did we get it right? Thought so, which is why we can’t help but ask: in our paperless world, does direct mail make sense? The answer may surprise you.
Top marketers say that now may be the time to engage in a well-advised direct mail initiative. It’s counterintuitive, sure. People are committed to their digital way of life. Turn off the cell phone? Ugh, only if we have to. Yet, the constant buzz of information coming at us through any number of digital platforms is often overwhelming and is getting easier to ignore or simply delete. Snail mail is a different story. Did you know the average American still spends about 25 minutes every day with it? That’s despite the decrease in mail flowing through the post office. We find that to be very interesting, especially for small business owners who favor a multi-platform approach to marketing.
If your business is looking to incorporate direct marketing into the mix of things, consider these top-line tips:
Know your audience. Face it, direct mail can be expensive. Don’t waste money on mailing the off-line equivalent of spam. Define your audience. Then build a list starting with your existing clients. Also, consider buying a mailing list from a company who can target to your desired demographic.
Define your goal. Don’t distribute a mailer just for the sake of doing so. Create an objective. Do you want a promotion to try to create instant sales? Do you want drive people to your website? Check out your Houzz profile? Visit a project you’ve finished? Design the mailer to meet your goal.
Call to action. Make sure recipients of your mailer know what you want them to do. “Check us out on Houzz.com!” or “Call us for a free estimate.” Be simple. Be direct. Make sure it ties back to your goal.
Make an offer. Is your call to action worth the effort for your audience? Maybe a free estimate is enough, but it may behoove you to offer a discount for contracted work or a small gift card to a local coffee shop or hardware store for any referrals their reviews drum up.
Proofread! No one wants to hire a contractor who doesn’t pay attention to the small stuff. Want your message tossed to the junk pile? Then misspell a word, use poor grammar or overlook punctuation.
It’s interesting to talk direct mail in the era of digital marketing. Yet, it may be because of digital marketing—rather than in spite of it—that this off-line tactic has come back into the limelight