Don’t touch! Siri-ously: Catering to Hands-Free Clients
Maybe it’s because your clients get their mojo from multitasking. Or perhaps they’re germophobes. Of course, we all know how good that “Look ma, no hands!” feeling is. Whatever the cause, there’s no denying that you, your clients—all of us—are living in an increasingly hands-free society. Don’t fight it. Give your clients what they want. Here’s how:
Touch-activated faucets. Sometimes hands need a hand, and that’s just what touch-activated faucets are intended to do. A simple tap anywhere on the spout or handle of the faucet will start and stop the flow of water.
e-soap dispensers. Touch it on, touch it off or go completely hands-free with electronic soap dispensers. A simple tap anywhere on the spout or hub dispenses liquid soap. Or, your clients can even activate the dispenser by simply moving close enough for it to sense their presence. A sensible addition if we do say so ourselves.
Smart light bulbs. Water isn’t the only path to a hands-free home. New smart LED light bulbs use motion sensors to react to where your clients are in their home. These new generation bulbs can even adjust their hues to keep rooms perfectly lit.
Hands-free thermostats. It’s true. Your clients can also have hands-free control over the temperature of their rooms thanks to voice-controlled smart thermostats. It’s an upgrade they can truly shout about.
Clean machines. Hands-free vacuums that roam on their own and touchless trash cans are simple suggestions that may also make your clients’ lives easier to maneuver.
Hands-free tricks are literally at your fingertips. Find out which touchless technologies best suit your clients’ needs and give them the extra hand they need.
*Siri® is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.