Pets have snuck their way into the hearts and homes of American families. In fact, the American Pet Products Association (APPA) believes 65% (almost 80 million) of U.S. households own a pet. Dogs are the most popular pets, followed by cats and freshwater fish at a distant third. And, whoever said you can’t buy love obviously didn’t tell pet owners, who spent over $60 billion on their pets in 2015. These owners are poised to spend even more this year. That’s no small kibble. No doubt a few or more of your clients have considered the needs of their four-legged family members when designing or redesigning their homes. For these and future pet-loving clients, consider the following tips on how to create home fit for a fur baby:
Practically paw-proof floors. Animals—and we love them—can be grimy, gritty and just plain gross. It can be difficult to clean up pet mess on carpet. Hardwood, tile or cement floors really are ideal. They are easy to clean and don’t easily stain.
Mudroom for Muffy. Mudrooms or a simple but dedicated space near an entrance is a must for organizing pooch’s stuff. Handy hooks should put leashes and collars within reach. Storage bins can hide away treats, pooper scoopers and towels for swift cleaning of dirty fur. A durable mat is a no-brainer for protecting floors from muddy paws, while durable paint is essential for protecting walls from wet fur and noses.
Bathing beauties. Pets need to bathe, too. Make bath time painless by installing a pet shower near the mudroom or laundry room. If this is not an option, then at the very least install a two-in-one shower that includes a handheld sprayer. Trust us. Your clients will thank you for the suggestion!
Fido-friendly furniture. First, the furniture for humans: Opt for stain-resistant or machine-washable fabric or easy-to-clean leather. There’s really no other way to go unless your client likes living with stains. As far as pet furniture, and yes it’s a thing, consider a window seat or lookout so the fur baby can keep an eye on the yard—but also peruse posh pet furnishings that may well fit into your client’s preferred décor.
Hairy hues. So this is where we get real. Fur real. To make life easier on your client, you MUST match colors of floors and furniture to the shades of the pet’s hair. There is nothing worse than installing gorgeous espresso-colored flooring or buying a dark velvet sofa when your client will only ever see contrasting golden fur that will forever be shed onto it.
Take our advice. These tips will help make your client’s pad perfectly posh for pooch and his persons.