You’ve been meaning to focus on the website for your remodeling business, but work gets in the way. We get it. While obviously you need to take that phone call and respond to that customer, your online presence needs your time and attention, too. A website that hastily summarizes your design expertise or one that hasn’t been updated in months (yes, years would be fully unacceptable!) simply can’t compete in today’s marketplace. Your virtual showroom is every bit as important as your physical one.
So how do you make your website more successful? Maintain a polished and discoverable digital presence. It really comes down to two things: one, optimize your website so it gets high search engine rankings and, two, improve the quality of your website, making it user friendly and easy to navigate.
You might be wondering, does this really matter? Oh yes, whether you’re a big builder or a one man remodeling band with a tight marketing budget. Consider the fact that 67% of searchers never look past the top five listings on the first page of results. A smart digital strategy can help get your there. You say your website is on the second results page already? Who cares? Well, to the 71% of potential customers who didn’t click through to page 2, your site may as well not exist.
What’s more, a Google study found that four in five consumers use search engines to find local information such as store addresses, business hours, product availability and directions. Plus, 50% of consumers who conducted a local search on their smartphone and 34% who searched via computer or tablet visited a store within the day. So is it imperative to be on page 1? Your customers believe so.
WARNING!  You can be pulled deep into this topic. For novices, however, a good place to start is by browsing search industry publications such as Search Engine Land or Their current beat on virtual marketing will point you in the right direction. Stay tuned here as well. A primer on digital discovery is in the works for future Inspired Pro posts.