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H2Okinetic® Showers—The Feeling of More Water Without Using More Water
Do more with less. A familiar refrain and one you’ve likely heard from the mouths of clients a time or two. Allow us to suggest a solution: H2Okinetic® Showers. Have you heard of them? Shower heads designed with this smart, soothing technology create a shower experience that offers 3x the coverage of a standard shower head flowing at the same rate.* It’s a shower experience like no other.
Here’s how it works. The proprietary technology is embedded within the shower head and controls the shape, size and velocity of the water droplets. It harnesses the natural energy of water, passing it through a series of highly engineered channels to create vortexes that oscillate. As the oscillating water exits, it is sculpted into a unique pattern that blankets the body in more warmth, coverage and intensity. The result? A truly drenching and luxurious shower experience.
This action notably occurs without any internal moving parts to wear out over time. Further, the oscillating movement of the water self-cleans the spray holes, helping to prevent lime or mineral buildup over time. It’s a revolutionary concept turned into a truly smart innovation.
With H2Okinetic showers, hand showers and body sprays, you can give clients more with less. Much more, in fact. Learn more here.
*Coverage measured in accordance with EPA WaterSense® Specification for shower heads, March 4, 2010.