Life’s chaotic. Showers don’t have to be. Help your clients get a handle on their shower experience by installing hand showers. They are functional, versatile and enhance any shower experience. Consider these scenarios:

…The husband is tall. The wife is petite. The kids? Well, they never stay the same. No matter. A handheld shower is the perfect fit for everyone all the time. Just move that nozzle wherever it needs to be. Simple as that.

…Speaking of kids, there’s a whole lot of them who need help in the shower. Installing a hand shower enables your clients to simply move the sprayer around their child rather than moving their child around the water. How’s that for getting a grip on the daily shower situation?

…And by kids, we meant fur babies, too. Why should your client try to talk their pouty pooch into staying still under the spray when they could swiftly move the nozzle around that soggy ball of fur?

…All this and we haven’t even mentioned how ideal hand showers really are for individuals with mobility issues. Detachable sprayers give them or their caregivers an easier, more thorough way to bathe. It’s a game changer for many people. And some sprayers, like those designed with H2Okinetic® technology, help give bathers a solid drench while actually using less water.

…Client got plants? Line them up. Spray them down. Drip them dry. Get it done mess-free in the shower. (Note: We’re talking about your plants, NOT your clients!)

…What about clients who actually like a clean shower? Yep. That’s just about all of them. The good news is that hand showers make cleaning the shower so much easier. Just as the mighty pull-down faucet is a boon for cleaning the kitchen sink, the handy hand shower helps your clients spray soap scum away with effortless conviction.

We could go on. The point is these nifty nozzles are a convenience your clients will love to get a handle on. It’s no wonder they are the new LBD of the lavatory.