Tesla® Single Handle Vessel Bathroom Faucet with Touch2O.xt® Technology

The rising popularity of green remodeling means your clients are looking for easy-to-adopt solutions to reduce their homes’ environmental footprint. The good news is there are literally hundreds of beautiful kitchen and bath products designed to help your clients save water without sacrificing the style, convenience and comfort they expect from these spaces.
For the fourth time in four years, Delta Faucet Company has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a WaterSense® Sustained Excellence Award Winner. It’s the highest partner recognition for continued efforts to help advance the WaterSense program and water-efficiency. We are also proud to have been named a three-time WaterSense Partner of the Year.
What does all this mean to you, as a design pro? It means access to a wealth of innovative products designed to save your clients water, and appeal to their inner-conservationist—no matter their preferred style.

Pivotal™ Monitor® 17 Series H2Okinetic® Shower Trim, 24” and 30” Towel Bars.

Contemporary Comfort
According to the EPA, a family of four can use 400 gallons of water every day—about 70% of which is used indoors. When looking for ways to conserve, the bathroom is a natural place to start.
New technologies, like Delta® H2Okinetic® showers, use a unique pattern to create the feeling of more water without actually using more. Your clients will feel like they’re splurging, when they’re really saving.
For clients embracing the growing contemporary design trend, this technology is available in several styles, including the confident and geometric Pivotal Bath Collection.

Dryden™ Two Handle Wall-Mount Bathroom Faucets

High-Tech For Transitional Spaces
Studies have shown that not only is sustainability important to Millennials, but they are also willing to spend more on sustainable products. Of course, technology is another top priority of this group.
With the Dryden Bath Collection, your clients will enjoy the latest in high-tech water delivery along with knowing their choices will help reduce water use. Not only are Dryden bathroom faucets WaterSense®-labeled, but they also offer Touch2O.xt® Technology which enables your clients to operate the faucet with a simple touch or by moving their hands close. And the sophisticated Art Deco-inspired designs coordinate well with many transitional styles.

Cassidy™ Two Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet

New Age Ethos Meets Old-World Style
Is your client a traditionalist? Don’t worry—adopting a modern ecological sensibility doesn’t require leaving traditional styles in the past. Many traditional bath collections—such as the elegant and timeless Cassidy™ Collection—feature WaterSense-labeled faucets with flow rates of 1.8 gpm or lower.