DIY is all the rage. It is. But do you want in on a secret? According to the latest Houzz & Home study, only 15% of the renovating population actually did the work themselves. More than four out of five homeowners who embarked on a home remodeling project in 2015 did so with the help of a professional. The same held true in the previous Houzz & Home report just so you know.
The stats look like this: 88% of homeowners age 55 and up tapped a pro for their renovation, as did 83% of Gen Xers and 76% of Millennials. Of homeowners who commenced remodeling work after purchasing a new home, a whopping 91% turned to a pro.
The report goes on to reveal that among those homeowners who do hire a professional for their renovation, nearly half commission a general contractor, builder, kitchen or bath remodeler, or a design-build firm. One-fifth look to interior designers, kitchen or bath designers, or architects. Why? Because homeowners know that professionals can deliver a quality result. Homeowners also admit that professionals help source the best products and materials for their projects, help them stay true to budget and do an overall good job of managing the effort.
The study drilled down further to better understand what homeowners value in their pros. Architects came out on top when it comes to understanding and complying with building codes. Designers, on the other hand, have a reputation for finding the right products and materials. Neither pro, however, was touted for staying on schedule. Sorry.
As we all know, renovations often need the eye of a specialty pro like an electrician or HVAC specialist. The share of homeowners who hire these niche experts rose in 2015 to 54% from 48% the year prior. The report also found that homeowners who intended to sell their home within the coming year were more likely to hire a specialist on their own without involving a trade pro.
So, while DIY may be a thing—and a good thing, no doubt—most homeowners prefer the hand of a professional over their own two hands when it comes to home renovation.