Technology makes the world go ‘round. Or so it seems. We certainly tap into it when we engineer more drenching shower experiences and work to simplify washing dishes. Likewise, hotels harness the potential of technology to make guests feel more comfortable and more apt to come back. In working with hotels and those who design them, we hear the following trends are top-of-mind for hoteliers right now:
Tailor-made stays. Guests feel more at home when hotels take the time to customize guest experiences, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems are making this relatively easy to do. CRM software enables hotels to track customer details like birthdays, anniversaries, hobbies, preferred rooms, favorite beverages and most-used spa services. In truth, tracking—and then acting on the knowledge to create a personalized experience—has moved from a nice idea to an essential practice, especially for frequent visitors.
Beacon technology. While this technology has been around for a few years, hotels are catching on to just how valuable this tech can be. Beacons, which are affordable Bluetooth-enabled hardware that communicate with people indoors, enable hotels to ping nearby guests’ phones with information on drink specials, spa packages or other hotel services. Their promotional opportunities can be quite the boon for business.
Enhanced Wi-Fi. A recent study shows that Wi-Fi is now the most important amenity to guests. That’s quite a reveal. As such, you can bet that offering quality Wi-Fi is increasingly important. In fact, guests who’ve had an otherwise smooth hotel stay may leave with an overall negative experience if the hotel Wi-Fi fails them.
A drenching rain indoors. Guests are looking for a memorable, relaxing and—most of the time—rejuvenating experience. What better place to meet this need than in the shower? H2Okinetic® Technology delivers a warm, luxurious and drenching water coverage via a dense water pattern and large water droplets that retain heat longer. And, at a flow of only 1.5 gallons of water per minute, the technology meets stringent water-conservation standards without sacrificing a guest’s experience.
Branded apps. Apps make consumers’ lives easier, and well-designed, hotel-branded apps are no different. These smart tools allow guests to book reservations, check in, make in-hotel service requests, unlock their room doors, check out and more. They are a handy way for hotels to engage with guests, and are a smart tactic that helps make guests’ stays easy and more comfortable.
Data security. The ubiquitous nature of mobile devices and the general “internet of things” have made payment and data security a top focus of hotels and businesses in general. Hotels are hyper-focused on intrusion detection and prevention, and we expect this trend will be here for the long haul. It may not be a guest-facing gesture, but it’s visitors rely on and are thankful for nonetheless.
While it’s true that tech can’t literally make the world turn, hotels are indeed harnessing it to help guests around the world feel like they’re at home.