According to the 2017 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, one size does not fit all when it comes to kitchen renovation. Homeowners vary quite a bit in their design preferences, with overall style splits running along generational lines. Millennial homeowners lean toward modern or farmhouse styles, while Baby Boomers are more into traditional. The younger set is also more apt to install kitchen islands. One matter on which the two generations do agree is that a kitchen remodel’s worth is best measured by gains in healthier habits and time spent in the kitchen with friends and family—not resale value. Also of note is the fact that the homeowner spend on kitchen renovations increased significantly. In fact, nearly 1 in 10 spent over $100,000 for a completed project. Most, or 3 in 4, spent $50,000 or less.
The Houzz report is chock-full of good-to-know information. For instance:
  • The top upgraded features in kitchen remodels were countertops, with 95% of respondents including them in their renovations, followed by backsplashes with 90% and sinks at 89%.
  • Pantry cabinets were the preferred built-in feature, followed by islands and breakfast bars. Notably, the trend toward islands is up 3% over last year’s study.
  • Among those upgrading countertops, granite was top choice—up 4% over 2016 numbers—followed by engineered quartz. Butcher block or wood slab came in a distant third.
  • Hardwood flooring was the most popular material to use when upgrading floors, closely followed by a fast-accelerating preference for ceramic or porcelain tile. Engineered wood came in a distant third.
  • Under-cabinet lighting remained the top choice for lighting upgrades; however, its popularity faded by 3%. Recessed lights were a close second. Pendant lights, however, may be a trend to watch as this fixture gained 3% year-over-year.
Houzz reports tend to be a good barometer of the state of our industry. For example, how have homeowners’ lives changed since their kitchen remodel? The study says it’s more family time. What triggered the remodel? Many can now finally afford it. How about kitchen size? Over one-third of respondents increased their kitchen’s footprint. What color is hot in cabinets? White. These details and so much more are embedded in this study. We recommend checking it out.