As the kitchen has evolved into the central hub within the home, functional design is particularly key for your clients’ builds, renovations and remodels. The following six tips can help you make your clients’ kitchens more adaptable.
Create a Gathering Place. According to the Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence (RICKI), 78% of Millennial homeowners report frequently using their kitchens to entertain. Rather than requiring your clients turn their back on their guests to cook, prep and clean up, place a prep sink on an island with bar seating to allow the host to remain a part of the gathering even during dish washing. If space doesn’t allow for an island, look for other ways to open up a kitchen or allow for casual seating. For example, can the layout be adjusted so the primary sink faces the living area instead of a window, or is there space to accommodate a breakfast nook in the kitchen?

Cassidy™ Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with ShieldSpray® Technology
Save Time. Arranging kitchen tools and appliances where they’re most needed will free up time in your clients’ already busy schedules by helping them be more efficient—no more shuffling from workstation to workstation. And a pull-down faucet designed to clean dirty dishes without mess or splatter may just save their sanity, while making cooking and entertaining hassle-free.

Esque® Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O® and ShieldSpray® Technologies
Make the Space Approachable to All. Adopt universal design principles to create kitchens that work for all members of the family, no matter their age or ability. Features like single handle or touch-enabled faucets are a great place to start. Also, consider making water accessible from a seated or standing position for a space that will age gracefully with your clients.

Cassidy™ Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O® and ShieldSpray® Technologies, Traditional Wall-Mount Pot Filler
Conserve. When sustainability in the kitchen is a priority, faucets can be an easy fix. Elegant additions such as pot fillers and faucets that toggle between the water-efficient flow rate and a higher flow rate not only save time, they can also help your clients conserve water.

Contemporary Wall-Mount Pot Filler, Esque® Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O® and ShieldSpray® Technologies
Elevate Your Clients’ Cooking Game. Clients who revel in the art of cooking will appreciate convenient access to water by way of prep sinks and point-of-use faucets. Delta® faucets with Touch2O Technology can make the cooking experience even more enjoyable while helping to reduce cross-contamination and cleanup with just a touch.

Addison™ Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O® Technology
Make Entertaining Easy. Kitchenettes and wet bars have been gaining in popularity and are a great way to add convenience for clients who love entertaining. And with an abundance of faucet designs, it’s easy to find a faucet for any décor. No longer will your clients’ guests have to trek all the way back to the kitchen to grab another drink or refill their coffee.

Addison™ Single Handle Pull-Down Bar/Prep Faucet
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