TJ Eads has spent his life tinkering. As a child, he and his brother built a fully functional treehouse—or rather treemansion—in his backyard. More recently, he and his wife built their dream home together brick by brick. This passion for designing, tinkering and building makes him an ideal fit for his role as an industrial designer for the Delta® brand. Here his name is tied to such products as the Trinsic® Pro Kitchen Collection, the Essa® Kitchen Collection and the soon-to-launch Pivotal™ Bath Collection. We recently caught up with him to learn more about his devotion to design.

Digging on Design.
TJ grew up one lucky kid. While most boys make do digging dirt with sticks and shovels, TJ was handed the keys to large dirt-digging machines. “My parents started their own excavation business in 1998, so I grew up running big machines to shovel dirt and dig ponds, driveways and basements. This exposed me to the element of design that lays the groundwork for what will become a building or house or some sort of landscape,” he said.

Structure Over Size.
It’s not the magnitude or size of a design; it’s structure that intrigues TJ. “I like being consumed with design. It doesn’t matter what. I like the studwork and framing of buildings as well as I like utilizing different materials to create smaller products. I could work all day here at my job designing faucets, fixtures and toilets, then go home in the evening to work with my wife on framing our house. I enjoy it all,” he explained.

Fear No Idea.
If there’s one thing TJ has learned over the years, it’s to write down or sketch out all ideas—even the bad ones. Why? According to TJ, that bad idea will either make the good idea look even better, or that bad idea turns out to be the best one of all.

TJ, we can’t wait to see what you will design next.