Inspired By Tesla™, Brought to Life By You
Inspired By Tesla™, Brought to Life By You

The “Inspired by Tesla” contest was a success and a big round of applause to everyone who participated—you made picking the winners a very difficult task for our design experts. But after much consideration and careful deliberation, we’ve made our final selections. Drum roll please: Congratulations to Brittany Munn, Laura McMorris and Alan Donahue for their winning boards. They certainly brought Tesla to life.

For a little background, contest participants built unique Pinterest boards using Tesla products as their creative inspiration for broader living spaces. Like the Tesla Bath Collection, each winner drew inspiration from the natural and spirited designs innate to the outdoors. Clearly inspiration abounds!

Let’s meet the talented winners:

Brittany Munn is a 22-year-old showroom consultant with Gateway Supply Company of Columbia, S.C. Her source of inspiration? The juniper tree due to its natural and beautiful curves. By choosing a stainless steel finish for her board’s hardware, she juxtaposed nature with industry, and to a beautiful effect we might add.

Laura McMorris, a design consultant with Coburn Supply Company of Memphis, Tennessee, believes inspiration is everywhere. The secret, she says, is slowing down long enough to find it. We couldn’t agree more. Clearly, she found the little things in life to make her “Inspired By Tesla” board really pop.

Alan Donahue is a pastor who has been in the plumbing showroom business for 25 years. Having lived near Hot Springs National Park his entire life, drawing upon the beauty of nature comes, well, naturally. Creatively, he is most drawn to the organic, rough-hewn edges of stone, wood and water, as they exist in their natural environments. Clearly, we were drawn to his inspiring board.

Be sure to check out these and all of the entries at Pinterest. Search “Inspired By Tesla.” Who knows? These boards may just inspire your next project.