Social media. It’s a thing. Really. If you’re a small business, you might be thinking, I don’t need this.  However, according to recent findings from B2B research firm, Clutch, nearly three-quarters of small businesses have integrated social media into their marketing efforts or plan to do so yet this year. Is your company in with the social crowd?
So, where is the social crowd hanging out? Unsurprisingly, Facebook was by far the most popular social network used by those surveyed, with 89% counting it among their marketing tools. Twitter ranked second, followed by LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram respectively. If the study honed in on residential design businesses, we’d bet Houzz would have made the list, too. But that’s just our two cents.
If you are wondering how often these businesses are on the socials, apparently about 35% of those surveyed post content and engage with followers on a weekly basis, while 26% post several times a day.
What does this mean for your business? At a minimum it’s good to know what your peers are up to, and this report confirms many are fraternizing online with their—and your—current and potential customers. So, if you aren’t already, maybe you should be start dipping your toes into the social waters.
If you aren’t quite sure how to begin, check out previously published Inspired Pro posts on how to build a better website (a prerequisite for social media marketing in our opinion) and search engine optimization. The main thing to keep in mind is that social media should drive your business toward your marketing goals and be incorporated into your firm’s marketing plan.
Certainly not everyone is doing it, but in reality, many businesses are. Social marketing is a cost-effective means of connecting directly with your audience and further building your brand. So, what do you think: is social marketing your thing?