We haven’t talked much about the garage here on Inspired Pro; yet, this high-traffic space is starting to pop into our conversations. We believe it’s because people—your clients—look at the garage as their roomiest of rooms. A space that if they’d just organize could be an extension of the home’s interior. Here are a few trends in garage design we see gaining traction.
Sink this. A lot of pet owners love their pets as much as their clean homes. Installing a big sink or doggie shower in the garage means they can have both. Your clients are also increasingly interested in utility sinks that do more than work hard. They want sinks that look good, too. After all, the garage isn’t the simple pit stop it used to be.
Stow stuff. Clients have stuff. And no room collects more stuff than the garage. That’s why garage cabinets exist. They are built durable and come in so many aesthetics your clients will feel sure they are shopping for kitchen cabinets. Good-bye plastic tubs. Homeowners are into more sophisticated shelving now.
Screen time. Did you know that fully retractable screen doors are a thing? They are and they are great. These screen doors work with the regular garage door but allow homeowners to catch a breeze in the garage while keeping bugs at bay. In other words, they help turn the garage into a more inhabitable room.
We think these are pretty compelling trends. Is the garage the next great room? It may well be.