Jordan Bahler is an inspired designer whose artistic instincts are animated through education and exploration. As a lead industrial designer for Delta Faucet Company, her talents are embedded in products like the sleek Mateo® Kitchen Collection, the nature-inspired Tesla® Bath Collection and many others. Recently we stole a few minutes of her time to learn more about what sparks her creativity. Here’s what we learned:

She Has Commitment Issues.
“I call myself a serial volunteer. I have a real commitment issue because I have a hard time saying no,” she confessed with a smile. If an opportunity arises that is both a volunteer role and related to design, you can bet she’s all in. Currently, she’s active with the Indiana chapter of Industrial Designers Society of America and serves on the board of the Design Arts Society for the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Don’t, however, mistake her self-proclaimed commitment issue as a negative. She delights in these extracurricular activities and draws inspiration from being around designers in and outside of the plumbing industry. In fact, she says involvement in these groups is like a “reawakening” of her childhood pursuit of art education.

She Sees a Greater Potential for Design.
Jordan believes designers should always focus on the “why” of the design. “We should design not just to sell more—which can be distracting—or to make something more beautiful. At the end of the day, we design to improve humanity. Our job is to move the needle. In our space, we have the opportunity to work on that—whether it’s in making a better ADA bathroom or to help seniors age-in-place. We can do things that will make a difference historically for our end users. And that’s huge.”

She Reaps What She Sows.
In her spare time, Jordan likes to cook, read and garden. Admittedly, each hobby can be traced to her favorite food. If she’s gardening, she’s planting something edible. “If I can’t eat it, why plant it?” she joked. If she’s reading, she’s thumbing through a cookbook. And if she’s cooking, it’s something savory (and most certainly does not involve nutmeg!). The symbiotic relationship between her work and play is not lost on Jordan, who knows well that her hobbies often help inform her faucet designs.

Jordan, we look forward to seeing what design you have in store for us next. Cheers!