Exercise more. Eat less. Forget about it! It’s Q2 and time to focus on something more tangible: your design business. Small but meaningful shifts in your marketing strategy can reap long-term results (aka new clients). We’ve seen it happen. Here are a few resolutions we think smart small-business marketers will make this year:
Pledge to prioritize mobile-centric marketing. In case you hadn’t heard, more people access the internet via mobile devices than the desktop variety. This means your business needs a responsive website, which is one that automatically adapts to a user’s device and screen size. Why? Because users who can’t easily browse a website abandon said website. If your website is not responsive, then this should be at the top of your list.
Your next goal is to make sure when internet users search their mobile devices for something you sell—think queries like “Indianapolis remodeling” or “Orlando interior design”—then your website pops up as a top result. Of course, this resolution begs a deeper conversation on search engine optimization. Check out our posts here and here for more info on that.
Pledge to make content king. Yes, of course you want to sell your design services, but your prospective clients don’t want to feel sold. Use your marketing tools to give relevant information that will build people’s trust in your business, and position you as a thought leader in your niche. Consider an email or Facebook campaign that educates your audience on useful topics like new design trends or how to best stick to a remodeling budget. They will appreciate the information, and you will appreciate the connections.
Pledge to engage with influencers. Every city has its local design enthusiasts or fashionistas to whom your clients look to as trendsetters. Connect with these individuals and see if they would be interested in helping push your business. Perhaps you provide a design service to these individuals in exchange for their testimonial and promotion of your business.
Look, we’re not saying to not engage in the latest fitness fad—we love SoulCycle, too!—but these marketing resolutions are sure to brighten your 2017.