Kid-Friendly Kitchen
“I feel like a short-order cook!” “Why are my kids such picky eaters?” “My child can’t even boil water. How’s he going to survive college?!” It’s the stuff of clients’ everyday lives. Fortunately, you are in the perfect position to help your clients help themselves by designing a kitchen for them that will get their kids cooking. Here are four tips for creating kid-friendly kitchens:
Wipe-clean surfaces. From toddlers to tweens to teens, kids are messy. So, make cleanup easier by specifying easy-to-clean surfaces. Thankfully, you don’t have to sacrifice form in the name of function either. Think spot-resistant faucets and appliances and luxury vinyl tile floors.
Easy Access. If kids are going to cook, then they need easy access to ingredients, pots, pans and prep space. Give them a hand with pantry shelves and pull-out counters low enough for the youngest chef to reach. Refrigerator drawers are also a family favorite because they make chilled food easy for everyone to stash and grab.
Multiple sinks. A kid-friendly kitchen should not be a parent-limiting one. When famished kids crash the kitchen to make a quick pot of mac ’n cheese, it should not put an end to another’s effort to prep for that night’s meal. These activities can coexist, and installing both a kitchen sink and a prep sink is a strong step in the right direction.
Central command station. Give the family a comfortable space near the cooking stage where they can sit, access media, charge their devices and simply be present while chefs big and small create confections in the kitchen. It’s an excellent way to get kids interested and involved in the family’s cooking, and to keep parents close while giving kids the space they need to cook on their own.
A kid-friendly kitchen is a smart way to stop feeling like a short-order cook, create curious eaters, encourage family bonding and help ensure kids fly the coop ready to cook.