Life is complicated. Good design shouldn’t be.
Clean is in. <breathe in> Clutter is out. <breathe out >
Now repeat.
It’s the new mantra for designers. You don’t need us to tell you that your client leads a busy life. You can see that for yourself. Heck, you’ve likely braved a treacherous maze of work appointments, vet visits and Cub Scout meetings in an attempt to set one design appointment. And then you’ve probably had to reschedule that! While you can’t do much to tame your client’s to-do list, there’s a lot you can do to tame her house via good, clean-lined design. Here’s how:
White wall warm up.
White is clean. It is simple. It is everywhere this year. Why? Because it helps you showcase your client’s interesting décor, furniture or flooring without adding to the visual stimulation of the space. Painting walls white means you can keep the interest, toss the chaos.
Easy eclectic.
Pairing design genres creates a casual vibe that, when done well, is oh-so-appealing. Choose styles that emphasize simplicity.  For example, mixing industrial chic with mid-century modern makes for a natural on-trend blend for clients seeking serenity.
Golden idea.
Simple can still be grand, especially when contemporary accents feature warm brass or golden finishes. These energetic hues work wonders to soften geometric design.
Less ornate. More appealing. 
Clients want design that minimizes clutter, so forget fancy, over-the-top detailing. Now is the time to let clean lines shine. Think contemporary when selecting faucets, furniture, frames and more. Modern lines are not only easy on the eye, they are easy on the elbow grease as well. Now that’s just bonus.
See, life may be complicated, but good design doesn’t have to be.