If you’ve been keeping up with our digital discovery conversation, then keep reading. If this is the first you’ve heard of it, then be sure to check out “Give a Little, Get a Lot: Tend To Your Website to Help Business Grow” and “Digital Discovery Made Easy: Content and Code are King” for a primer on website marketing for small businesses.
This month we tackle link building. The goal with this tactic is of course to get your remodeling and design website a high search engine ranking on relevant queries. This has to do with all the other websites that link to yours. Yes, your content matters. How well your site is put together matters. Your HTML tags matter (again, check out our previous posts!). But it also matters whether or not reputable sites link to yours.
Essentially search engines evaluate how many links connect to a website and where these links are coming from. Are well-known and trusted websites linking to yours? If so, how many? Search engines like to provide results that are both relevant to a searcher’s query and popular within the web, meaning sites that link with lots of other reputable websites. If you want to dive deeper into this topic, we suggest you check out this Moz article on growing popularity and links on the web.
Link building is certainly one of the more elusive online marketing strategies, but rest assured links will connect to your website if what you offer is a good, well-optimized site. And this will only help push your website up in search engine results. So how do you get started?
One good step forward is to simply ask your vendors and subcontractors if they could link their websites to yours. Or, build in content to which people will want to link. Lists (think Top 10 Remodeling Myths or 5 Bathroom Blunders) are often great at capturing links.
It is also smart to tie your public relations efforts into your website strategy. In other words, get your remodeling or design business in the news and then share that story on your website, Facebook page and other online avenues. Same goes for awards. Pursue awards that make sense like local “Best Of” awards, Top 40 Under 40 or environmental awards if appropriate. Then tout these accolades online through your website and ask others like the Chamber of Commerce and local news outlets to post about the award and link back to your website.
Link building takes time. It just does. Yet, if showing up in the top 5 search results matters to you (and it should), then it’s worth the energy invested. It’s time to build those links!