Small things can make all the difference. That’s how we feel about Delta® MagnaTite Docking. It’s a small but mighty innovation that will help make your clients’ lives easier, keep model homes picture perfect and leave your showrooms and design centers looking their best. How? It keeps your spray wand in place. Every. Single. Time.
The system uses a powerful integrated magnet to snap the faucet spray wand precisely into place for easy, smooth docking. Its firm hold prevents the wand from drooping for a lasting, picture-perfect look. Further, the faucet spray wand easily comes free from the docking system with a gentle tug for complete flexibility—and its gravity-fed hose operates smoothly, with no friction points.
Fortunately, this technology is not exclusive to the kitchen. In fact, it’s part of some Delta In2ition® Two-in-One Showers, which can also feature the popular H2Okinetic® Technology that gives you the feeling of more water without using more water. Similar to kitchen spray wands, In2ition showers allow clients to put water where they most need it and then dock the hand shower back into the shower head, where MagnaTite Docking snaps it precisely into place.
We can’t think of a client, builder or designer who doesn’t want their faucet spray wand or hand shower to simply stay put. With MagnaTite Docking, your clients will be thrilled and, dare we say, more apt to stay put themselves. Small things can make a big difference.