Make Room for the Boomerang Generation
Your client just called. She wants her kid’s room back. Surprised? Nah. You may have even seen this coming. Four years ago, your client joyfully turned her child’s bedroom into a hobby room. Now she realizes that revamped room may have been a pipe dream. Fortunately, though, thoughtful renovations can make the transition back to a multigenerational household easier. The changes may even lay the groundwork for when aging parents need a place to land, too. Read on for remodeling recommendations that can help make for a happy return home.
Bump it out. Depending on the layout of the home, a simple bump out to the boomerang babe’s bedroom may create enough space for him to work. You know, the job searching, networking, resume-writing tasks he needs to hone in on? Yes. Those. He will need a high-tech set up that includes docking stations for his personal electronics and enough room to spread out.
Ding dong. Get a new door. Separate entrances can go a long way in keeping the peace in multi-generational households. This could mean punching out a doorframe for the basement and turning that level into an apartment or even adding sliding doors to the bump out for a private entry. 
Kitchenette? You bet. Making space for a kitchenette, be it near the boomerang kid’s bedroom or just off the kitchen, is a great way to help dueling schedules get along. He will surely thank you for giving him a space to store beer or last night’s snack in peace.
Sink or swim. In this case, choose sink. Adding a second sink to the kitchen will save everyone’s sanity and keep your client from tripping over the extra people swimming around the kitchen. In fact, if budget allows, make every effort to open up the kitchen so there is more space for the increased foot traffic. This could mean knocking down walls or simply lowering the island from counter height to table height.
Truth be told, many clients are happy to house their boomerang children. Besides, there’s no better excuse for an exciting remodel