Make Way for the Mudroom
As the living room fades into oblivion (for the moment anyway), another room is a rising star. Make way for the mudroom.
That’s right. The small but mighty mudroom is no longer restricted to homes situated in snow zones. Clients in all climates desiring order in their abodes are requesting mudrooms at a frantic pace. They see these rooms as a clever way to organize life’s necessities in a room that is at once highly accessible, yet mostly invisible from the living quarters. Check out these tips for designing a hardworking mudroom your clients won’t believe they ever lived without:
Stow that stuff. Storage is the main event for mudrooms. It is their reason for being. Coats. Hats. Gloves. Boots. Shoes. Scarves. Keys. Sunglasses. The stuff of everyday comings and goings needs a place of its own. This keeps clutter at bay and brings efficiencies to daily routines. Discuss with your client the family’s lifestyle; then design storage that suits.
Find foolproof flooring. Sissy flooring has no place in a mudroom. This high-traffic room needs tile, natural stone or other durable material that is easy-to-clean and can take the wear-and-tear of constant commotion. Indoor/outdoor rugs are a great way to manage soggy-day weather that tracks in on shoes and coats, too.
Take a seat. No matter the size of the mudroom, save space for a bench or other seating so your client can comfortably take her shoes on and off, or just take a moment to rest. Whew.
Sink in some sanity. Mudrooms make great utility rooms with the addition of a sink. Small sinks with pull-down faucets are terrific for quick cleanups after gardening, working in the garage or crafting. Larger sinks are ideal for hosing off the family pet before he tracks his muddy paws inside.
Look for logic in laundry. While you’re at it, and if there’s enough space, why not add the washer and dryer to the mudroom, too? It just makes sense to have the laundry machines in the same room where the family sheds soiled clothes.
In short, help bring order to your clients’ busy lifestyles with a mighty mudroom.